Let’s help Jakub in his dramatic struggle for life and health!



Jakub is a student of a technical secondary school of mechanical engineering in Rzeszów. He had an air accident during last holidays. His condition is serious. He broke his spine, suffered leg fractures, head trauma and multi-organ injuries, contusions of the lungs and kidneys in the accident. Jakub requires long-term treatment and intensive rehabilitation.

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Before the summer holidays, Jakub was a healthy and strong teenager who turned 18 in February 2020 and it seemed that his best years are ahead of him. Like all his peers, he was looking forward to the holidays and a long-desired leave to the airport, where he planned to master his knowledge and skills related to being a professional mechanic and aviation, with which he related his future.

On July 9, 2020, his all plans were shattered by a tragic air accident, as a result of which Jakub suffered numerous injuries: spinal fracture, leg fracture, head trauma and multi-organ injuries.

Jakub’s serious condition meant that, in order to save his life, he was put into a pharmacological coma immediately after the accident. He was ventilated and required kidney dialysis. He also underwent surgery of two fractured vertebrae and leg surgery. He is currently in a minimally conscious state, unable to move or make contact.

Doctors and his relatives participate in the dramatic fight for Jakub’s life and health. The rescue for him is placement in a specialized center that will undertake his rehabilitation, allowing him to regain consciousness and enable independent life. The chances of recovery are the greater, the earlier rehabilitation begins and whether it can be continued to the required extent. The costs of rehabilitation in the clinic in the first year will reach over half a million PLN!

We kindly ask for help for Jakub and we thank everyone in advance for your heart. We hope that thanks to your support, Jakub will be able to stand on his feet and enjoy life just like his peers.

We believe that Jakub will regain his fitness and one day he will thank you for your help. We fight for him every day and we miss him a lot …


Thank you

Jakub, parents and siblings: Adam and Karolina.


Payments in EUR and USD should be made directly to the bank accounts of Pod Skrzydłem Anioła Association in Rzeszów:

Nadsański Cooperative Bank branch in Rzeszów, code BIC (SWIFT) POLUPLPR

– for EUR: PL85 9430 0006 6000 6857 2000 0003

– for USD: PL58 9430 0006 6000 6857 2000 0004

with a note: „for Kuba”


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